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Stills from the promo for "Stray" are used in the book as examples of lighting for movement, exterior lighting, lighting through windows and lighting with a green screen.  Below is a link to the film on Vimeo and stills with lighting diagrams from the book.



The promo for "Stray", written and produced by Nena Eskridge, was the first fifteen minutes of the feature film screenplay which was then used to find investors and on kickstarter. The feature was made three years later with a different cast. The returning crew members were David Landau as the DP and Roxanne Barret, who was the 2nd AC on the promo and the A camera operator on the feature.


The Stray promo was shot over a five day period with a crew of around 15.


  • The cameras were two Sony F3 cameras, with Sony 35mm, 50mm and 85mm lenses
  • The lighting package incuded

2 - 1,200w HMI Arri PAR lights

2 - Ikan LED 1' x 6" panels

2 - 500w Lowel rifa lights

2 - Open faced 1ks

4 - 650w Arri Fresnels

2 - 300w Arri Fresnels


Stills from "Stray" are used in the book;

  • Chapter 6: lighting a subject moving room to room (time: 07:41 - 7:57 )
  • Chapter 6: lighting for camera dolly as actor moves (time: 10:15 - 11:06)
  • Chapter 7: using lights outside (time: 06:37 - 06:51)
  • Chapter 8: lighting throw windows (time: 12:25 - 13:15)
  • Chapter 12: lighting green screen (time: 04:00 - 04:39)
Actor Aaron Lustig walks cautiously down the hallway towards camera, as the camera dollies back
Dolly ends in a medium close-up
Cross key exterior with HMI PAR lights
Lights through the windows provide a morning look
Lighting through windows and green screen


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