Visual Aids

This section contains stills, diagrams and links to videos that were used in the book and can be used by teachers as class visual resources. 


Videos with diagrams

On the left are links to pages with stills, diagrams and vimeo links for the films they are from that were used as lighting examples in the book.



Below are a number of color corrected pictures for

  • Chapter 3 : Lighting the Subject (move the camera, move the lights)
  • Chapter 6 : Lighting for Movement (stairs and moving through shadows)
  • Chapter 9 : Night Light (blue accents, dark windows)
  • Chapter 10: Working with Color (complimentary olor mixing, glass gobo)
  • Chapter 11: Light the Scene not just the Shot (Low Key, Chiaroscuro lighting, exposing for highlights, Rembrandt lghting)
  • Chapter 12: Special Lighting Considerations and Effects (fog, candles, water, green screen)


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