Night Lighting Class Project

Lighting class met at night for a class project lighting this silly sequence, strickly for educational purposes. The contrast ratios and exposures are not perfect as the class only had a 3 hour window to work in and it was getting cold.  It was shot behind the Fairleigh Dickinson Unversity Florham Mansion. 


Student were practicing lighting at night, establishing a white reference, lighting the bachgrounds and placing shadows.


This footage was shot analog video on a Sony BetaCam with a Fujion Zoom Lens. This was shot quite some time ago, but the concepts and methods remain the same today.


The lighting package was;

1 - Mole Richardson Baby Junior 2k Fresnel

1 - Chimera

2 - open-faced 1ks

6 - 650w Arri Fresnels

4 - 300w Arri Fresnels

1 - 250w Mole Inkie

1 -  grip stand with bounce card

2 - grip stands with flags (& nets)

1 - high boy stand



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