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Stills from the festival short "Stable" are used in the book as examples of using an eye light, lighting for the three plains of action and cross key lighting.  Below is a link to the film on Vimeo and stills with lighting diagrams from the book.




The festival short "Stable", written and directed by Paul Willaims, was shot with a very small crew in one 10 hour day on location.


  • The camera was a Sony FS100 with cooke 18mm, 50mm and 100m lenses.
  • The grip package included an EZ Jib, a mirco dolly and four grip stands with flags/nets
  • The lighting package was small and consisted of

2 - Source Four ERS units with 50 and 36 degree lenses

2 - church window gobos

2 - Rosco glass color break-up gobos

2 - Ikan LED 1'x6" panels

2 - Arri 650w Fresnels

2 - Arri 300w Fresnels

1 - high boy stand

assorted gels and diffusion


Stills from stable are used in


  • Chapter 4 for eyelight (time 2:45)
  • Chapter 4 for foreground, acting area and background lighting (this example was cut from final cut. But there are many shots that still display this concept)
  • Chapter 5 for cross key lighting (time - 01:08)
Three plains of lighting; foreground, acting area, background
Cross Key lighting


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