Lighting for Cinematography

A Practical guild to the art and craft of lighting for the moving image

By David Landau


Table of Contents


Introduction: No matter how good a camera, good lighting is what sells the picture 


Chapter 1: The Magic of Light – What lighting does and what we can make it do 


Chapter 2: Who and What makes light -  the lighting crew, lighting units and basic electricity


Chapter 3: Lighting the Subject - motivated light source and three point lighting


Chapter  4: Light the shot, not just the subject – more than three lights, three planes of lighting


Chapter 5: Common Practical Lighting set-ups - cross key, chicken coop, china ball, bathrooms 


Chapter 6: Lighting for Movement – subject and camera moves,  hallways, stairways, ambient soft light


Chapter 7: Dealing with Daylight 1 - Shooting Exteriors


Chapter 8: Dealing with Daylight 2 - Working with windows


Chapter 9: Night Light - lighting night exteriors & interiors


Chapter 10: Working with Color - using color for mood, gels


Chapter 11: Light the scene, not just the shot – High Key, Low Key, contrast ratios, exposure choice, Chiaroscuro lighting, Rembrandt lighting and Butterfly lighting


Chapter 12: Special Lighting Considerations & Effects– fire, water, rain, fog, lightning, poor man’s process shot, green screen, product shots


Chapter 13: Lighting Non-fiction - Interview, Corporate, News Magazine, Documentary, Reality  


Chapter 14: Inspiration and Lighting Looks


Appendix 1: Advice from the Field – interviews with cinematographers and gaffers


Appendix 2: Resource – apps, magazines,books, websites, lighting equipment manufacturers

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