Video Link: "Building a Bridge"

Stills from the test commercial "Building a Bridge" are used in the book as examples of 3 point lighting, lighting through windows and high key lighting.  Below is a link to the 30 second spot on Vimeo and stills with lighting diagrams from the book.





"Building a Bridge" was a test commercial written, produced and directed by Don Reimer of Airworthy Prods. It was shot in one day on location.



The lighting package was very small and consisted of;

1 - 2k Mole Richardson Studio Junior Fresnel

1 - open-faced 1k with a chimera

2 - 650w Arri Fresnels

1 - 300w Arri Fresnel

1 - grip stand

1 - bounce card


Stills from "Building a Bridge" are used in the book in;


  • Chapter 3 - motivated light source
  • Chapter 8 - lighting through windows
  • Chapter 11 - high key lighting


High Key, window motivated lighting


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